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Why Make Us Your Trusted Local Mover?

Plan your moving day ahead of time and let our moving company assist you in transferring your valuables to your new place. There are certainly crucial situations to arise on your moving day and it is best to have professionals by your side to help you with the process. From moving all your valuables and heavy furniture out of your house and loading it on the truck, you can easily get the work done right and fast if you hire a local mover of ours. Stay on this page to learn more about a stress-free moving day and how our company plays a great role in achieving that.

Checkerboard Moving Company is a renowned moving company in Chattanooga, TN and has been in the business for many years already. When it comes to trustworthy local movers, our professionals would surely top the list. In Checkerboard Moving Company, we make sure that we do our work professionally while staying friendly and approachable towards our clients. We highly prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and so we also work more on achieving a clear and effective communication with them. Before the moving activity, we come to our clients to discuss their specifications and demands, so we can do the work right and fast.

Our company can cover the move-out and move-in work, including the transportation of your valuables. We can also provide you with an appropriate delivery truck to ensure that your belongings arrive at the proper destination right in time, without causing any damage or furniture breakage.

Hire a certified local mover during your moving day in Chattanooga, TN. With us, you are 100% guaranteed of a satisfying and hassle-free moving activity. Book a service with us ahead of time, get on our list by visiting us at our office in the area. You may also reach us anytime at (423) 855-8774.